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Why Babywearing Might Just Change Your World

Why Babywearing Might Just Change Your World


If you’re considering joining in on the hot trend of babywearing, here are a few (great) reasons why that might just be your best idea yet. Far from a new fad, babywearing has been going on for centuries - and there’s a good reason why:

 It can help new parents so much!


  1. Babywearing can end crying. According to studies, wearing your baby can reduce overall crying by 40%. That’s huge! By staying close to your baby, you’re more in tune with what they need, which means you can stop major meltdowns before they even start.


  1. Babywearing can free your hands. Having the ability to still do what you need to do as a human and still have your baby with you is one of the top reasons new parents love to wear their babies. And, in addition to getting your hands back, keeping your baby close to you, as opposed to a stroller or carseat, can help keep strangers’ hands off of your baby, too.


  1. Babywearing can stop your baby from being overstimulated. There’s a lot going on in your baby’s world, but all they really care about is you. Keeping your baby on you can give them the stimulation they need (like seeing your face and hearing your voice), without stressing out their nervous system or overloading their brains. Because of this, many studies show that babywearing is a great way to help your baby learn!


  1. Babywearing minimizes the gear you have to bring. Want to get out of your house faster? Babywearing can help you do just that. By not having to lug strollers and other heavy gear to and from your house, you have the ability to save time (and money). When looking for baby essentials, a great way to wear your baby should definitely be at the top of your list!


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